Slow Poke Spicy Apple (5/5)

I opened the box and immediately liked this bottle.  Although it may be a little over-designed with stylized fonts that are a little tough to read, the combination turtle/smoker is fantastic.  Where can I buy a walking turtle smoker right now?!

When I opened the bottle, it hit my nose with two of my favorite aromas – apples and BBQ sauce.

It has just the right balance of apple and sweetness and just enough spice to round out the profile and add excitement.  Uncooked  it would make a fine dipping sauce and the consistency is on the thinner side, but still sticks well to meat.  Cooked – it gets even tastier and the sweetness burns off a bit, letting you taste more of the spices and apple flavors within the sauce.

I think this would do well in fruit/spicy categories of larger BBQ sauce competitions.  Just has a simple KC style flavor, “fruitified” with apple and “spicified” with chili and habanero powders.   Those -ified words might not be real.

The flavor hits you hard and leaves your tastebuds tingling – but the heat isn’t too much – more like jalapeno strength.

If you like apple’s and BBQ Sauce and a little spice, you will love this stuff.

Ordering Information and Discount

The Code for 25% off a 12 oz bottle is BBQSR


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  1. ron capstraw says

    Every thing is a slowpoke in this retirement community (the villages) it takes my butt 14

    hours to cook

  2. Tracie Haynes says

    I was offered a sample of this BBQ sauce & my husband said let’s get it . My children kept using up my BBQ sauce so I just went back and bought 2 more bottles . I love it

  3. The best sauce I’ve ever had. Try it over cream cheese with Ritz crackers

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