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This week’s review is on the Pellet Pro Grill (CPG-627) from Smoke Daddy, Inc.

The Pellet Pro Grill is a wood pellet grill made from 14 gauge steel with a high temperature durable powder coat finish and a total cooking area of 627 sq. inches with the included upper cooking rack.

It has a large interior and a nice amount of headroom for cooking whole chickens or turkeys.

The Pellet Pro Grill is Made in China and comes with a 1 year limited warranty and the overall dimensions of the grill are (H x W x D) 43″ x 50″ x 22″ and the grill weighs 115 pounds.

This grill has a fully digital push button controller and a temperature range of 180°F to 450°F. It also has a Cold Smoke setting for smoking at temperatures of 150°F and below.

Below are pictures of everything that was included in the well packaged shipping box. It took about an hour to put the grill together.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 2 Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 3

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 4

Below is a picture of the Pellet Pro Grill once I had it fully assembled.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 5

The Pellet Pro Grill comes with a nice extra rack underneath and has sturdy rubber wheels and casters. I would have liked to see locking casters and feel that is a feature that should be standard on all pellet grills.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 6 Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 7

This grill also has a shelf on the right side for easy access to grilling utensils.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 8

The Pellet Pro Grill has a 20lb capacity hopper and a heavy 13 gauge steel drip pan and heat deflector. It also has porcelain covered upper and lower grill racks which can all be seen in the pictures below.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 9 Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 10 Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 11 Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 12 Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 13 Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 14

Before I cooked on the Pellet Pro for the first time, I made sure to follow the initial firing instructions which can be seen in the picture below.

Initial Firing Instructions

After that was done I shut the grill down by pressing the On/Off power button.

I then went inside the house and rubbed a 5lb pork butt with some Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub and then wrapped the pork butt in plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge overnight.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 18

Early the next morning I followed the Pellet Pro Grill start-up instructions to start the grill.

The first thing I did was plug the power cord into an outside outlet and then opened the lid of the grill.

I then pressed the On/Off button to turn the grill on and made sure the temperature was set to 180°F.

After around 2 minutes I noticed a whitish-grey smoke coming out of the grill letting me know that pellets in the fire pot had ignited and the grill was ready to cook on.

I then closed the lid of the grill and set the temperature to 250°F.

Once the grill was up to temp I placed on the pork butt.

Pellet Pro Pellet Pro 2

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 19

The pork butt took around 10 hours to cook and I removed it from the grill when it had reached an internal temperature of 201°F.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 21 Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 22

I then wrapped the pork butt in foil and placed it in a cooler to rest for a couple hours.

After I let it rest for a couple hours I removed it from the foil and pulled it.

I was very impressed with the color of the bark and the nice smoke ring. The pulled pork was moist and very delicious and my family and I really enjoyed it.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 23

For my next cook I decided to grill some Johnsonville Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Grillers and some Johnsonville Beer Brats.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 24

I followed the same start-up procedure as my first cook and once the grill was ready I raised the temperature up to 400°F.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 26

Once the grill was up to temp, I placed on the Grillers and Brats.

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 25 Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 27

Once the Grillers and Brats were done I removed them from the grill and pressed the On/Off button to shut the grill down. I then took the meat into the house for my family and I to eat. The Grillers and Brats were perfectly cooked and really delicious. I will admit I ate 2 each of the Grillers and Brats. I felt like I was going to explode afterwards though, lol. Some good eats for sure! 🙂

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill 28

Final Thoughts

I am a big fan of pellet grills and I enjoyed using the Pellet Pro Grill. It was a very easy grill to use and it performed great for both cooks. Everything I cooked on it turned out perfect and very delicious.

The Pellet Pro Grill did a great job of staying pretty much right at the temperature I had it set at for both cooks. It rarely moved any more than a couple degrees or so from those set temps.

Clean-up on the Pellet Pro Grill was a cinch. I lined the drip pan and grease bucket with heavy duty aluminum foil so pretty much all I had to do was remove the foil and throw it away. I used a grill brush to clean the grates after both cooks and used my PowerSmith 3-in-1 Ash Vacuum to vacuum out the very little pellet ash that was left inside the bottom of the grill.

There’s only a couple things I would like to see added to the Pellet Pro Grill to make it even better. Those 2 things would be, locking casters like I mentioned above and maybe a larger side table so you can set a plate and grilling utensils on it.

I think if those 2 things were added, it would make for an even better pellet grill, especially with its low price point.

If you’re in the market for a very affordable pellet grill, then make sure to look into the Pellet Pro Grill by Smoke Daddy, Inc.

You can find a great deal on the Pellet Pro Grill here.

For more information on the Pellet Pro Grill please visit their FacebookTwitter and YouTube pages as well as their Website.

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Make sure to check back soon for another BBQ Tools & Tech Review!

Jay Prince

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  1. Excellent review and write up! I like the detail you covered and of course the great pics. Someone just asked me about Traeger’s two days ago at work because he had seen one at the wing contest this weekend and I told him to check out Yoder’s too. I’ll have to text him and tell him about Smoke Daddy too, totally forgot about them when he asked.

  2. Love this review! Very detailed and love all the pictures and information. Great work!


  3. Great review, I just purchased one and I can’t wait to smoke a nice pork butt!!

  4. I have been looking at getting one of these. My concern is does it make enough smoke at temps like 250 or 275?

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