Smoky Okie’s Seafood Splash

I’ve been on a seafood kick lately (mostly thanks to my wife who picked up some more salmon filets for me to grill).  I’m not going to complain, because it gives me a chance to try out rubs that may be more geared towards seafood such as this one: Smoky Okie’s Seafood Splash.

The Rub

Ingredients: salt, dehydrated onion, spices, paprika, annatto, tricalcium phosphate (to prevent caking)

This seasoning is advertised as a blend of 9 different spices that works well on seafood and veggies.  It is sold in 6 oz. and 12.5 oz. shaker bottles.  The label on the bottle closely follows the logo in the sample packaging above.  The logo design is clean and simple.

  • Appearance — reddish-orange in color, mostly homogeneous in texture.
  • Aroma — salt/onion aromas with a bit of a peppery bite to it
  • A Taste — taste lines up with the aromas; salt/onion are the dominant flavor profiles, with a bite of pepper in the back

The Results

A seafood seasoning calls for seafood, naturally.  I seasoned a couple of salmon filets fairly liberally with the seasoning.

In addition, I also seasoned some sliced zucchini with the Seafood Splash.  Hey, it said it worked on veggies.  So why not?

The salmon and veggies were cooked over direct charcoal on well-seasoned Mangrates.  Approximate cook time was 20 minutes.  Below is a picture of the salmon filets just before coming off the grill.

They turned out great!  My wife even commented on how well the seasoning worked with the salmon.  In her words, the seasoning enhanced the flavor of the fish in just the right fashion.  If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I’m not sure what is.

Smoky Okie’s Seafood Splash is available for purchase online from US BBQ Supply.


Big Wayner is the BBQ rub and seasoning reviewer for BBQ Sauce Reviews, and he moonlights as the mad genius behind Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog. He is a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge and enjoys talking all things BBQ! Come check him out at


  1. Cindy Holt says:

    Love this on grilled shrimp!! Excellent!!!

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