Stubbs Original BBQ Sauce (3/5)

Stubbs offers up an antidote for folks who don’t like the “traditional BBQ sauce” – the typical thick and sweet KC-style BBQ sauces.       The Original Bar-B-Q sauce is very thin and has a tangy, sweet, salty kinda vibe going to it – without any smokiness, chunks, or heat.   I thought the taste was decent – simple and not too aggressive or bold – and nothing too objectionable.

For negatives, I thought the sauce was quite thin.  And that’s usually OK, but if I’m the unsuspecting buyer and I get home from from the store thinking I’ll try a great new BBQ sauce on some spareribs or some chicken, and you go to pour a little sauce out and whooooosh it’s splattered out everywhere.

That’s not a problem if called out on the label.  It could be marketed like a mop sauce… “just keep slopping it on” is the motto for those sauces.  And just like this one, you can keep mopping it on without fearing of burning up all the sugars….  (see the label, very low in sugar).  The way to fix is to call it out as NC style, or a mop sauce, or recommend specific cooking instructions on the side.

"Pour it on Thick" shouldn't be on this label

Bottom Line:
The ingredients don’t offend me and shouldn’t offend anyone else – no gluten, no HFCS, no bad stuff.   But if you are used to grilling with Kraft or Sweet Baby Ray’s and you try to mix it up with Stubbs, you just have to know what you’re getting.  A thin, but decent sauce.   Looking forward to trying some of their other flavors soon.

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  1. I’ve used Stubb’s marinades and like them. I haven’t used any of the BBQ sauces, but based on this I think they may be similar to the marinades. I’d probably like it since I tend to prefer mustard-vinegar sauces.

  2. The answer is obvious — if you’re a fan of thick sugar laden KC style BBQ sauce you’re not going to like Stubbs. How are you reviews on NC sauces? They’re even runnier and vinegary to boot.

    Personally, I think it’s the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever had with Sadlers(again, a thinner not sugary sauce with lots of flavor) a close second but it is not mass marketed.

  3. Just got in a new batch of Stubbs products and will be reviewing those shortly.

  4. I love the Stubbs BBQ sauce ! Its one of the best! Also good is the Jack Daniels BBQ.

  5. My new favorite bbq sauce. Bold with a punch of vinegar. And, honest ingredients. I’m smoking ribs this weekend and using Stubbs for the first time on the smoker. Can’t wait.

  6. This should have got 1 star. I bought a bottle of this and was extremely disappointed I paid for it. So watered down and the taste is very light. You’ll have to marinade your meat in it overnight and then coat it several times while grilling to actually taste anything. I have been grilling for over 20 years and this one is bad.

    • Im with Red on this one. I bought the spicy bbq sauce. Very thin and had a spaghetti sauce taste to it. Plus it wasn’t very hot at all.

  7. The best BBQ sauce in the world. I won’t eat any other!!! Keep up the great work.

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  9. I like a thin BBQ sauce. This is has a nice spicy tang too it. Great on chicken and to mop on ribs. I agree it should be marketed as a thin sauce. But if thin and spicy/tangy is what you are looking for then this is it! Delicious!

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