Stubbs Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce (3/5)

This new sauce from Stubbs combines the flavors of molasses, brown sugar, and chipotle to create something with a little heat and a little sweet kick that will give your tastebuds a lot of flavor to work with.  As with all of the Stubbs products, they use very high quality ingredients and are certified gluten-free, which is great.  The reason I gave this a fairly low score is due to the expectation that the label sets and how the reality doesn’t really match.  Based on the label, I expected something a bit sweeter with a bit less tang.   The chipotle puree added a nice amount of heat and an extra element of peppery-depth that could surprise people by the strength of that flavor – especially when it’s not really called out on the front of the label.  Call it Sweet Chipotle and it may provide a promise that is closer to the reality of this sauce.  Otherwise, it’s a bit too strong in the pepper department.

Smell/Aroma                    3
Consistency                       4
Ingredients                        5
Before Cooking Flavor    3
After Cooking Flavor       3
Marketing/Packaging      5

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  1. I think it is just perfect. It has that heat at the end that is a surprise and doesn’t linger and ruin the flavor. first time I tried it and no more KC Masterpiece that has high fructose sugar as its first ingredient.

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