The Picky Pig Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

PickyPig (2)

From Long Island City, New York (a part of Queens) comes this well executed sauce with a sweet approach and a tangy finish, one for those who prefer to rock a stronger vinegar flavor (like Open Pit and Stubbs) as opposed to the classic thick sweet BBQ sauce (such as KC Masterpiece and Bullseye BBQ Sauce).

Outside the bottle

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The label is super high quality and has a high quality logo, label, and overall design.  The copy writing is a little bit generic and doesn’t really say anything unique about the sauce or how it is much different than anything else out there, but it projects enthusiasm and fun.

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The ingredients are well thought and high quality using honey, dark brown sugar, and molasses for sweetening versus cheaper ingredients containing high fructose corn syrup.  These sweeteners combine with 3 types of vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, and various spices and a sparse amount of liquid smoke to become The Picky Pig.

The label promises a tangy, spicy, sweet, smoky sauce – let’s put it to the test.

Inside the bottle

The first sniff is complex with a pungent mix of vinegar, ancho chile, dark sugars, honey scent.  Uncooked the sauce has the clear makings of a honey-based sauce which I usually find to be a little stronger on vinegar flavor (compared to sauces using no honey).  It also seems to be missing a little bit of the smoky and spicy.

After cooking, I find the flavor remains the same – very complex and interesting and tasty in it’s own right – but it didn’t deliver upon 2 out of 4 of the primary qualities advertised on the label.

PickyPig (5)

Bottom Line

This is a tasty sauce with high quality ingredients and great flavor – people who prefer a tangy sauce will truly enjoy it.  The only thing I could recommend would be to either add the two missing traits (spicy and smoky) to the flavor or simply remove it from the label.  That way you are delivering something great while not making a promise you can’t keep.


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