The Sauce California Style Spicy BBQ Sauce Review (4/5)



Please see review of The Sauce original flavor for a rundown of the outside the bottle characteristics (which are the same as this one).


OK let’s open the bottle and taste it!

This rusty colored sauce has a great color and consistency were spot on – slightly redder than the original flavor but just as thick.

Uncooked the flavor was tasty and had a good kick to it – like a spicy ketchup with a lot of red chili sauce added to it.   The heat was similar to Frank Red Hot Sauce and as hot sauce is indeed an ingredient in this blend, it could very well be exactly that.


Like the original sauce, this had a well-balanced flavor, with a chili aroma and a strong kick at the end.  The base was the same as the original with a blend of mustard alongside the tomato-base.  This nice tomato good base flavor was created from brown sugar and blended well overall – unlike how molasses or honey flavors can sometimes overwhelm the overall taste.  The vinegar was added in the right proportion to keep the sauce taste BBQ-like without being too present.

The ingredients list is currently not on the label, as I’m tasting a somewhat early copy.  I did ask for an ingredients list so as to keep the review on par with the others I’ve reviewed in the past and got the following ingredients:   Tomatoes puree, horse radish, soy sauce, mustard, Brown sugar, hot sauce.  The spicy would obviously have more of the horseradish and/or hot sauce in terms of proportion.   Free of artificial stuff which is good.


Overall this is an enjoyable sauce for folks who like their sauce with a blend of the sweet and the heat.  Probably not mild enough to be the family’s new goto sauce, but mom and dad (and their heat-seeking friends) will enjoy this one.  Sauce on!

If you want to order a bottle, go ahead and email founder directly!

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