Trifecta Blazing Barbecue Sauce (5/5)


Trifecta sauces are a Kentucky based trio of sauces containing a mild, medium and hot variety. This review is for their Blazing Barbecue Sauce, their hot variety.

Outside the Bottle

Much like their mild and medium sauces, Trifecta’s Blazing Barbecue Sauce has a clean overall appearance but this one invites you inside like a scary red door of a haunted house. I love their new look compared to their older horse, pig, chicken cartoony theme – this look is so classy I could see in on the shelves of high end cooking stores such as Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma. The bottles identifies it is gluten-free and natural attributes right on the front.


I like the copywriting but the copywriting is not specific to the invididual flavor – the same writing is used for each variety and I like seeing something specific to each flavor instead of a blanket statement, but its a minor complaint in this case. The red indicates this is the hottest BBQ sauce of the three BBQ Sauces in the Trifecta family (I’m not counting the marinade here).
Inside the Bottle

The first sniff hits you with a distinctive peppery scent and automatically your mind starts racing… Pow! How hot is it going to be? Am I really ready for this right now?


Uncooked the flavor is strong and hot and has a tang that is unmistakably habaneros. The heat kicks in and it … it… doesn’t get too hot! That’s a relief.

The burn is hot enough to make it interesting and fun, yet not ruin the whole meal running around looking for water or milk or bread or whatever you should go for when overheated.

When cooked on the grill, it retains the spice and complexity and habanero heat. It makes your mouth and lips tingle the more you eat the meat. I recommend something a little sloppy to enjoy this the most – something like babybacks or little wings – bone-in so that you can handle this sauce and get it on your face.


Bottom Line: Trifecta nails the balance of heat and sweet in this one and makes a bearable habanero sauce that tastes like habaneros (but mildly).

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