Trifecta Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce (5/5)

trifecta sweet heat

Trifecta sauces are a Kentucky based trio of sauces containing a mild, medium and hot variety. This review is for their Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce, their medium variety.

Outside the Bottle

Like the original Trifecta Barbecue Sauce, the yellow label has a clean overall appearance and invites you inside.  I love the new look compared to their older horse, pig, chicken cartoony theme – this look is so classy I could see in on the shelves of high end cooking stores such as Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma.  The bottle identifies its gluten-free and natural attributes right on the front.

trifecta sweet heat 2

I like the copy writing but the copy is not specific to the individual flavor – the same writing is used for each variety and I like seeing something specific to each flavor instead of a blanket statement, but it’s a minor complaint in this case.   The yellow flavor indicates the heat level is above their original, mild white-label sauce.

Inside the Bottle

While uncooked I loved the extra heat on the Sweet Heat compared to their original mild sauce.  The only noticeable difference in ingredients is one item:  Natural Flavors.  Perhaps they also bumped up the ratio of hot pepper sauce.

trifecta sweet heat 3

The flavor of this is smooth and warm – almost like a perfect mix of your favorite BBQ sauce(70%), your favorite meatball sauce (20%), and your favorite hot sauce (10%).  The sauce is KC-sweet but has enough tomato, spices, and flavor to keep it interesting. The heat level is mild yet enjoyable, enough to let you know it’s there and tickle your tongue while not ruining the taste of the meal.  It could probably be a bit hotter.

trifecta sweet heat cooked

Cooked, the flavor gets a little more exciting, but not drastically different from the uncooked flavor.  Recommendations for this would be BBQ meatballs (in crockpot or saucepan) or fried chicken drumsticks.  After they are fried up using your Turkey fryer, stick them in a bag with this sauce and slosh ‘em around.  It is absolutely delicious.

 Bottom Line:  A great sauce from the Trifecta family that starts the race strong and tastes great.  I have no reason to be disingenuous when I say the Trifecta Gourmet Sauces are up there with the band Rush and my three kids as some of my all-time favorite trios.

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