A Tribute to Kyle Maker, BBQ Sauce Lover

During a recent giveaway, I asked readers to comment in order to win free BBQ sauce from Tex Morgan.     My prompt was “Why do you deserve this sauce?”

I read through the 23 comments and most of them were in the “I haven’t tried this one and it sounds good” camp  or similar.

But one of them really stood out to me – mostly as evidence that I’m not the only crazy one around here that has shelves busting at the seams with BBQ sauce.



The email correspondence continues like this:



Pictures requested !!  I will put them on the front page of my site!



Click for full effect


More SAUCE !!!!!!

More Awesome Sauce

A couple of days pass.  I get busy with work and kids and stuff…


Did you get the pictures?  Yes, I am out of control, but thank you for hooking me up with Timber Folks out West.  I am spending a fortune building shelves + the cost of the sauces.      It is at the point where I rent a car to hit grocery stores if I am away from the home base.  Really pathetic is what I am.

Brian, also I have to say, I have enjoyed your site a lot.  For the most part your reviews have been spot on.  I have had a lot of fun traveling the US for the various sauces.  I am amazed when you review how many I am missing.

A day later…


Holy crap that is awesome!!!!  Great pictures!!  I will blog about this next week


I got Timberfolks from your review.  I love what you are doing here!  I have had a ball trying different BBQ sites and sauces.  My wife and I are retired and travel various sites in the US to try what is offered.


Just in case you weren’t sure, I get sauces shipped to me from manufacturers who seek to promote their sauce (while I continue my quest for the Ultimate Sauce).  On the other hand, Kyle goes around the country finding sauces at the source and then usually pays to ship them back to himself.  It not only shows his dedication to the craft of sauce, but he is probably finding some very hard-to-find and excellent sauces as well, being in the thick of it there in S.C.

Kyle – just wanted to say thanks in as public a way as possible – it’s really cool what you are doing and I’m glad you like the site and let me know if you ever want to write a review on the site sometime!!   You rock!!

Site Editor, BBQ Sauce Lover, Family Guy, Hi Tech Marketer by Day. He recently wrote the Ebook “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce” which can be purchased on this site.


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