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Upon opening the package, I was a bit underwhelmed.  I walked over to the back of our kitchen and got ready to just throw this in the garbage.  The label just barely fit on the jar and got wrinkled pretty bad during the course of application.  The photo on the label was weak and the graphics were non-memorable. And compared to the standard sizes I’ve been getting (8-12 ounce jars typically), this one was a monstrosity – weighing in at 32 ounces (2 pounds).   I thought to myself, “is this a joke?”

But because I attempt to treat all sauces the same and because I’m willing to cook with each and every sauce – I found this one to be quite a nice surprise.

The Smell

Upon opening the classic Ball jar, I was hit with an unusual scent.  Almost like drinking a Harpoon Winter Warmer Ale, there was something festive and poppy about it – like christmas in May.  I couldn’t quite place it…

Look & Consistency

Pretty thin as noted by the above texture score of 2.  Not many noticeable specks, but for a thinner sauce it held really well to meat for some reason…

Before Cooking Flavor

Very sweet almost like candy, but with a unique spice perhaps achieved from the rootbeer and apple cider vinegar. These finer subtleties added depth to a good sauce, and gave it a nice lift and different taste…  Might have to seek out more sauces with root beer!

After Cooking Flavor

Like any sweet sauce, the flavor mellows out a bit with the heat.  Now, if you are lucky enough to burn the ends ever so slightly, there is some kind of magic that can be achieved – almost like burnt candied chicken.  Did I just say that?


Ketchup, Water, Root beer, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Spices, Apple Cider, Vinegar, Salt.


Negatives: caramel color, ketchup, HFCS, & preservatives

Branding and Packaging

Pretty weak.  Almost charming how bad this looks, like something your grandma would make.  The grandma that’s a logger from Central Oregon, that is.

These guys look like they are shoestringing it, which is awesome – but I would really love to see more put into graphics and perhaps even a website where others could order this.

Contact Information

Timber Folks BBQ
52880 Wayside Loop
La Pine, OR, 97739

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  1. Timber Folks BBQ says:

    Thanks for the kind and funny feedback Brian. Magic does happen when my sauce starts to go into the candy stage with a few coats and time on the BBQ. Shoestring it…Yep only make 50 cases a year and it’s just me. Quarts jars are just simple and gives my customer extra for dipp’n and mopping and get your bang for your buck at $6.00 a quart. Christmas in May and a Harpoon Winter Ale flavors were spot on as you know your stuff Brian as those spices were fresh ground nutmeg, cinn and ginger with some help from the rootbeer. Sorry about the label as right out back of the ranch the photo was taken and where I live my camera is my graphics designer..LOL. Only use tomato paste now so no ketchup as of June 09. Thanks for the plug on website and my info. Well I think it’s safe to say that I opened the door for folks to make a good BBQ sauce made with rootbeer to win some good awards..and we hope it’s you…………. -Timber Folks BBQ-

  2. Timber Folks BBQ says:

    Sure that email is the only one I have for my sauce. I wish I had a website and I know I know it’s great for the business so thanks for seeing that. My Facebook page for my sauce is pretty busy with orders also but for info as well. Yes taking orders through email and use USPS Flat Rate boxes for shipping and coming from La Pine OR….Pony Express!!

    -Timber Folks BBQ-

  3. Kyle Maker says:

    I love this sauce, definately not mainstream. I am so glad that I was able to buy and enjoy so much – plus he sent me a second bottle for my collection!

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