Sauce People: Old Timer Rubs and BBQ Sauce

Linda & Bob Gantt run Old Timer BBQ Rubs and Sauces and their sauce top the top prize at the growing Getting Sauced event in Austin Texas in 2012. My 10 Questions to Linda & Bob: 1.  Who are you / who is the owner?   Does it have something to do with the name of […]

Support Pitmaster and Runner Paul Zonfrillo

A lot of people I know in the blogosphere have a day job…  me too. Mine is at EMC in Hopkinton Massachusetts as a marketing guy – so feel free to connect with me here.  With that said, I’ve got a buddy from work that is running the Boston Marathon and I wanted to tell […]

Sauce People: Meet Shane Draper

Many of you folks who are active on Twitter and Facebook know Shane Draper. He’s a great guy with a great sauce – and as you will learn… it’s all about balance for Shane and his Draper’s BBQ Sauce.

Sauce People: Nick Bauwens,

Over the past few years, I’ve come across only a few folks that have loved BBQ Sauce as much as I do.  So I get really excited to talk to fanatics like me… some of these people devote a fridge to sauces, some of them devote sections of their basement to sauces, and some are […]

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