GMG S.O.S.S Review (4/5)

GMG (aka Green Mountain Grills) makes a few nice looking pellet grills and happens to also have a line of sauces and rubs.

Personally, I’m not against appliance/hardware providers getting into the sauce business, but based on the relatively uncommon occurrence, I usually tread carefully when I see food products from folks like Charbroil or Weber…  How often do you hear about popular oven brands, refrigerator brands, ovens, freezers having their own successful line of foods?   Not that often.

So I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised, when this sweet, tangy, spicy wing sauce came into my house.

To be honest, I’d consider GMG’s SOSS (Steve’s Own Special Sauce) to be more of a wing sauce than a BBQ Sauce.  And as a guy that can appreciate a wing sauce, I liked it.  It’s a nice wing sauce…  simple, sweet, just a little tangy, and a little spicy.

Only a few minor complaints with this sauce was that it didn’t stick well to meet and didn’t have a strong finish after cooked – but it was a good flavor and one I would eat again.

GMG’s SOSS is a simple sweet sauce that adds flavor & heat without the traditional thickness of most BBQ Sauce.

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