Guy Fieri Pacific Rim Wok & Sauce (4/5)

Guy Fieri’s Pacific Rim Barbecue and Wok Sauce is Wok’N, get it?     Wok’n.  Rockin’?   Yes!   I like to make my own guacamole and I’ve joked about packaging it up and calling it Guac and Roll.  But instead, I’ve decided to focus on filling up my house with as much BBQ sauce as possible.  Mrs BBQ Sauce Reviews loves it…

Guy Fieri’s Pacific Rim Barbecue and Wok Sauce was a little bit of an oddball, but occasionally I love the oddball.  For example I loved:

This is another fine choice, and until I cooked with it, I was thinking it was going to be something like a 3.  You see, “Straight up,” out of the bottle it’s a really powerful sauce – fishy, salty, and pungent.  It’s got sour notes from lemon juice and especially from the added citric acid – the stuff that make your lips pucker up into an “O” shape.   It’s got some heat from crushed red peppers and hot cherry chili peppers – according to Scott Robert’s Scoville Scale, the cherry pepper is about 50% the heat of a jalapeno. The texture is amazing and very chunky, about as good as gets without it feeling like a mouthful of veggies.

When I used as recommended on the bottle (I did a beef stir fry with it) – it  transforms and turns into something better – easily nailing a four.

Nutrition info – pretty standard fare

Sauce color/texture is certainly remarkable.  Nice chunks from the tomato puree and peppers.

Bottom Line: This is a sauce worth trying, but don’t throw this stuff on the old Perdue poultry.  Instead, follow the directions on the label and try on pork ribs, salmon, shrimp or make a stir fry with it.  I had a beef stir fry and boy was it tasty!  I can’t wait to try grilled shrimp with this next.





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