JP Custom Blend BBQ Rub

Today’s rub review comes to us from the heartland of America.  From Wichita, KS… let’s check out JP Custom Blend BBQ Rub.  (Image below courtesy of JP Custom Smoke website)

The Story

JP Custom Smoke is a competition BBQ team out of Wichita, KS and is headed by John Patty.  He has been on the competition BBQ circuit since 2007 and has done very, very well.  Currently, his team is ranked #26 in the country according to (as of August 13, 2012).  The basis of his award-winning flavor profiles is his rub, JP Custom Blend.

The Rub

Let’s take a look at the rub.  First off, the ingredients…

Ingredients: Sea salt, MSG, chili powder, paprika oil, other herbs/spices

Appearance: bright orange in color, with black specks dispersed throughout; uniform texture
Aroma: hints of chili, salt, and pepper
A Taste: flavor pop of salt, chili powder, and paprika oil.

The Results

With a rub this potent, I immediately thought of one cut of meat — pork butt.  I used this on a 7 1/2 lb. pork butt.  Preparation was fairly standard — trimmed off most of the fat cap, lightly coated the pork with vegetable oil, and generously applied the seasoning.  The butt cooked (along with another one I was cooking for a different rub review) for four hours unfoiled and an additional three hours foiled at between 250 and 300 degrees.

This rub produced some beautiful bark!  It was packed full of flavor — salty, savory flavor goodness.  This was my wife’s favorite pork butt, and we’ve been happily munching on the leftovers from this for quite some time.  It makes for some great BBQ nachos as well…

This rub is available for purchase at and is available in 6 oz. shakers as well as 1 lb resealable foil bags.


Wayne Brown


Big Wayner is the BBQ rub and seasoning reviewer for BBQ Sauce Reviews, and he moonlights as the mad genius behind Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog. He is a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge and enjoys talking all things BBQ! Come check him out at


  1. That is one serious looking rub. Salt and MSG and chili powder, wow!
    I’m no MSG snob – as a matter of fact I like using MSG here at home for a few recipes, including my homemade taco seasoning.

    I do like the logo and graphics on the JP bottle.

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