Nebby’s Best Barbecue Sauce (4/5)



It’s all about the fire and what happens in it.  And although it took me awhile to realize it for this particular sauce, Nebby had this figured out from the start and remained confident that his sauce would stand up to my criticism.  This is a story of a sauce that at first glance appeared thin and tasted a bit bland but turned out to be a huge winner after the heat of the grill.  What would have happened to Michael Jordan if he simply accepted the fact that his high school coach said he had no talent?  What if Babe, the pig who turned out to be a huge winner, had internalized that others thought of him as the runt of the litter.  What if I accepted the fact that others found it amusing and perhaps silly that I was spending a lot of time reviewing BBQ sauces??    Well, winners push on – and Nebby’s has a winner here.

Aroma – 4 somewhat ketchup-like with undertones of garlic and pepper.
Consistency – 4 a bit on the thin side but holds remarkably well to meat.
Flavor -4  before cooking 3 after cooking 5 an excellent blend of sweet and tangy.
Marketing and Packaging – 5 good looking label, comes with a free basting brush!

Website: Nebby’s Best Barbecue Sauce

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