Outta The Park BBQ Sauce (5/5)



It’s Real.  It’s Good.  It’s Gone! says creator Scott Granai on the bottle of his Outta The Park sauce.   And I’d have to agree.  The magic ingredient here is ginger –  giving what could be a fairly average sauce a unique Asian flair that reminds of a flavor I may have had once in a really high-end Chinese restaurant.  And there’s just enough jalapeno to provide a mild kick in the taste buds.

Not that this sauce needed the extra boost, but Scott’s sauce also received bonus points for concocting an all-natural sauce with no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  The flavors and real-spice-speck-laden consistency remain stable through cooking and cling to the meat product well.  It’s not often that you get a great tasting sauce that is good for you, all in one nice-looking package.

I tried this on chicken, burgers, veggies, and veggie-burgers and they all tasted great. My wife made me one of the best BBQ Chicken Pizza’s I’ve had using this sauce.  I moved through this bottle like Walter Payton used to move through the defense.  Here’s a quick recipe, if you want.  Morningstar Mushroom Lovers Burger + cheddar cheese slice + jalapeno cheddar roll (Panera) + lettuce + onion + this sauce.

So, go get a bottle and then come back here and let me know if you agree.


Organic ketchup, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, water, molasses, brown mustard, jalapeno pepper, ginger, butter, spices, hot pepper sauce, paprika, sea salt, organic garlic powder, onion powder.

Website:   www.outtatheparksauce.com

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  1. I agree, 5 stars. great stuff.

  2. Very thorough review here. I have had the sauce and agree with author – it’s more than a little difficult to find a BBQ Sauce that doesn’t contain High Fructose Corn Syrup.

    I know outtathepark is at some Whole Foods already – hoping it makes its way to the Swampscott, MA branch eventually – until then I’ll keep buying on the internet.

  3. Rick Pumo says

    I have to agree. I stumbled upon this sauce a few months ago. I got so excited that I purchased a case. It is a perfect match with poultry but it’s surprisingly good with chili. I used it as the base for a shellfish sauce (it’s got the right balance of sweet/spicy) and poured it over linguini last weekend. Fantastic.

    Unfortunately, I can only order it online in here the Midwest. I wish they’d distribute nationally.

  4. OTP is one of the most versatile sauces I have ever used. It makes everything it touches better – I use it in burgers, on pork, on salmon, on wings, as a sauce on the side of the plate for beef, as a shrimp dip, etc. When I make OTP burgers or pork chops my kids fight for the last pieces. Great stuff.

    Cant wait until it is available in CT. Right now I either order it or pick some up when I am in the Boston area.

  5. I have had the pleasure of knowing Scott and his wife and let me tell you, They are very dedicated to making a fine, all natural product.
    I love the sauce and have found endless uses for it in my restaurant.
    I am looking forward to offering it as one of our main sauces in a new BBQ venture I am working on.

    He was just telling me of some new distributors he just picked up, so this sauce will be easier to find on the shelves.

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