Outta the Park Hot & Spicy Barbecue Sauce (5/5)


The latest addition to the Outta the Park BBQ Sauce line-up is a winner.  It’s got the same trademark jalapeno/ginger flavor of the original sauce that landed a 5 way back in June 2010 – and now there’s some kick to it.   It’s a 5-3 all the way – that means it’s got amazing flavor and great, natural texture that’s not too thick or too thin…

The thing that I liked most about this sauce was that owners Scott and Beth Granai knew to not mess with a good thing.  They just took something that worked and tweaked it just enough to add some heat.  They didn’t try to add a different flavor or a different trendy ingredient.  Doing a side-by-side ingredients mapping, it looks like they added one new ingredient (hot chile peppers) and upgraded to spicy brown mustard from regular brown mustard.  It’s a subtle thing – to be able to add heat without ruining the flavor.  And of course, bonus points for no high fructose, no preservatives, and all organic ingredients…  it not only looks like a natural sauce, it is one too.

The uses for this sauce are plentiful.  I’ve had the original and the hot & spicy in a variety of dishes from BBQ Chicken Pizza to shrimp cocktail to wings to veggie burgers (yes, I’ll occasionally eat a veggie burger)!  It works for me because it reminds me of the hot and spicy and ginger sweet experience that I might experience while eating a plate of sushi – but without the nose stinging of the wasabi…

The only improvement I could see on the sauce is the healthful benefits on the label are so subtle one might actually miss them.  Let’s say you are at the store and you are scanning for beer … you tend to seek out buzzwords that tell you which direction to go next – IPA, light beer, stout, etc…  While this sauce is a nice extension to their original line-up, I’m not sure the bottle stands out enough for people to see the healthful benefits.  I would recommend they highlight what they’ve worked hard to make – an excellent tasting sauce that is all-natural and gluten-free and organic!



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  1. Judd Newcomb says:

    Thumbs up for an all natural sauce!

  2. @Judd – yeah man! Nice to see more and more all natural sauces popping up here for review!

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