Picky Pig BBQ Rub (5/5)

Picky Pig Barbecue Rub came to me from New York state and the first thing that stood out to me was the high quality appearance – the label and bottle and spice all present themselves in a very clean yet fun manner.

So let’s see if this pig oinks or squeals!

Outside the Bottle:

People love buying things with pigs on them. The Picky Pig Barbecue Rub scores the Triple Crown in this category with a pig in the name and secretly worked into the font of their logo.


The professional label combines with a great looking mix of spices to lure you in. On the outside, this rub has everything it takes to sell a rub without even opening the bottle.

The glass jar perfectly exposes the spices and just makes for a much better way to showcase a gourmet rub than the traditional plastic spice flip top cylinders.

Inside the Bottle:

The appearance and texture of this rub is phenomenal … complex and colorful.


The flavor is also excellent. It mostly delivers on it’s promises of salty, sweet, spicy, and slight smoky (although that one is a little bit of a stretch).


After cooking it offers a varied flavor and can turn a bland piece of meat into a culinary delight (hint – when used with Picky Pig BBQ Sauce, it’s really really good.

PickyPig (5)


Bottom Line:

Picky eaters may just stop being picky once a little Picky Pig BBQ rub is put on your meat!

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  1. This rub looks like it has a nice overall flavor – almost a classic blend.
    I bet when paired with its BBQ sauce, Picky Pig rocks!

    I love the packaging for the rub too. Nice little squat bottle. 🙂

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