Pigchaser Bacon BBQ Sauce (4/5)


We like bacon here at BBQ Sauce Reviews.   Who doesn’t?    But has it become too popular, cliche, overdone?
The correct answer is NO and the time is now for more bacon BBQ sauces!    And this is a fine example of a bacon BBQ sauce.


I like the copywriting here.  It is customized to this particular bottle quite well.  One mistake that I think a lot of sauce vendors make when writing the label copy is that it is the same across all of their different types of sauce.  This is clearly a custom made label for bacon BBQ sauce.  The only thing it doesn’t mention here, which I think it should, is the pineapple flavor contained within the bottle.  For some people it may be a turn-off, but for most it will be another positive point to make about your sauce.  that way, people expect the pineapple.


The ingredients are great – I know Ron has refactored his sauce recently to include a sugar-based ketchup versus a high fructose corn syrup free ketchup which makes a big difference for people seeking healthier choices.


The consistency is excellent – plenty of stick to adhere to any kind of meat, and plenty of chunks of bacon to let you know that you indeed have some real bacon in your sauce.

To summarize:


  • Bacon
  • Copy writing
  • Ingredients
  • Consistency
  • Bacon

This sauce delivers upon its main promise BACON and does it well.  The sauce contains a lot of chunks of bacon which add a great flavor to the standard Pigchaser sweet pineapple BBQ sauce base.   I like a lot of things about this sauce – no HFCS, it’s gluten free, and the consistency is great – not too thick not too thin with loads of specks and real ingredients.


  • A little bit of a surprise pineapple flavor
  • Label design could be improved or modernized and include pineapple
  • Could have more bacon

The drawbacks are that the surprise pineapple base could be a bit much or too sweet for folks that want a bacon BBQ sauce and are expecting something a bit different- maybe something smokier and saltier to match the bacon flavor, with something a bit less on the pineapple chart.   Fortunately, after cooking the sauce fades away and you are left with an amazing piece of food slathered in a sweet thick bacon coat.  Enjoy!


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  1. I noticed on the description the line: “My bbq sauce is made with real bacon, is low fat, gluten free, etc” Low fat bacon?

  2. What Ron from Pigchaser bbq sauce does is cook the bacon and then drain off as much bacon grease as possible prior to adding other ingredients. It turns out that for a 1/4 cup serving size (typical is 2 tbsp) enough grease is removed from the sauce that it qualifies as low fat. Less than 3g is considered low fat.

    Hope this answers your question.
    Pigchaser customer service

  3. Wow! The ingredient list is amazing…no crap! I recently made some smoked sausage and egg cups on my pellet smoker, this sounds like it may be the sauce needed to make it a five star dish. Heck, I’d put it on pancakes!

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