Trifecta BBQ Sauce Review (5/5)

Aroma:   Oniony Garlicy Jalapeno… oh yeah.

Flavor Uncooked:  Fantastic Spicy Sweet, a a nice ketchup replacement with jalapeno undertones and garlic

Flavor Cooked: Caramelizes nicely for BBQ chicken, jalapeno cheddar burgers (recommend Au Bon Pain jalapeno cheddar rolls)

Ingredients: No strong negatives, but not gluten free for those with allergic sensitivities.

Marketing/Label: Appearance is very nice, professional.   Sauce is well named, double meaning of the Trifecta

Bottom Line: So many great flavors and well selected flavors goes with almost anything and the heat slowly creeps up on you.  That’s one of my favorite things about some BBQ sauce and this has it.

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Trying on a new review format… thoughts?

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  1. you mentioned one of my bucket sauce “add ons”, bbq cheddar mac n cheese…


  2. I haven’t meet anyone who doesn’t loke this sauce. Simply the best. It’s good on everything. My kids use it for chip dip it’s so good.

  3. Yum yum, this sauce looks great !!

    I like the review but I think that video reviews are more suitable to Jay’s reviews, but that’s just a personal preference 🙂

  4. Nick,
    This sauce is really good!

    btw I think you are right on the review format.. As the weather gets warmer, expect a lot more reviews out of me 🙂

  5. My family’s favorite sauce. We buy several bottles at a time and I’m noticing it’s finally getting into some of the larger stores in the Louisville area.

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