HotSpot Notebook Charcoal Grill

For this week’s review I was sent the HotSpot Notebook Charcoal Grill from Kyle Kromidas at Well Traveled Living. Well Traveled Living is a designer, importer and distributor of outdoor living products. The company was established in 1998. The HotSpot Notebook Charcoal Grill is a portable grill that is constructed of high heat resistant painted steel and is Made […]

Cook-Air Grill

For this week’s review I was sent the Cook-Air Starter Kit from Alain Dubois at Cata Marketing Inc. The Cook-Air is a portable wood burning grill constructed of 304 stainless steel and weighs in at 17 lbs. The base of the grill always stays cool, so the entire unit can be set on a tabletop without worry of damage to it. […]

Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless Steel Hot Dog Roller

For this week’s review I was sent the Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless Steel Hot Dog Roller from Karen Behrman at Mr. Bar-B-Q. Mr. Bar-B-Q is an international importer and distributor of high quality BBQ tools, accessories and parts. The Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless Steel Hot Dog Roller is made of commercial grade stainless steel and allows you to grill up to 5 […]


For this week’s review I was sent the Kettle-Q with the Cooking and Cleaning Kit from John and Vicki Button at Little Griddle Innovations, LLC. Little Griddle Innovations, LLC is a family-owned corporation based in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The company was formed in late 2000 by husband and wife, John and Vicki Button. The Kettle-Q is a grill […]


For this week’s review I was sent the KettlePizza from George Peters Jr. at KettlePizza. KettlePizza started in early 2010 when owner Al Contarino came up with a new way to cook pizza on a Weber kettle grill. Builders at heart, Al and his business partner George Peters Jr. took on the challenge to design, manufacture […]

Grillware Griddle

For this week’s review I was sent the Grillware Griddle from Jes Wagner at Wilton Armetale. The Grillware Griddle is a griddle that can be used on your grill, stove top and in the oven. It’s crafted from a non-toxic aluminum-based alloy metal that is very durable and will not rust, break, crack or chip under normal usage. It’s […]

Burger Pocket Press

For this week’s review I was sent the Burger Pocket Press from Michael Ajakie at the Burger Pocket Press Co. The Burger Pocket Press is a product that allows you to create stuffed burgers by enclosing your favorite ingredients between 2 burger patties. While cooking, these ingredients intertwine with the meat and make for a really flavorful […]


For this week’s review I was sent the Meatrake from Chris Johnson at Meatrake. The Meatrake is a BBQ tool that can be used to shred through pork, chicken and other meats. The Meatrake has a polypropylene handle that is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It also has orange plastic safety covers for when you […]

Orion Cooker

For this week’s review I was sent the Orion Cooker from Christian Fitzgerald, President of Orion Outdoors, Inc. Orion Outdoors is an outdoor consumer products company focused on bringing innovative product solutions to the outdoor living market. Founded in 2004, when they introduced their flagship product the Orion Cooker. Orion Outdoors is based in Atlanta, GA […]

Ro-Man Pork Puller

For this week’s review I was sent the Ro-Man Pork Puller from Rob Mandeville, owner of the Ro-Man Pork Puller Co. The Ro-Man Pork Puller is made of solid stainless steel. It’s around 14 inches long and the disc is 5 inches wide with 6 welded 2 inch long spikes. The shaft of the Ro-Man Pork Puller fits into a […]

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