Best Barbecue Sauces for Women?

  BBQ Sauce Reviews was mentioned in this week’s Womans World magazine.  When I got the call from the writer, I thought the name kinda rang a bell, but I asked my wife if it was legit.  She assured me it was… the magazine is right next to the checkout counter – the one with […]

Luna Mercato Strawberry BBQ Sauce (4/5)

A fruit BBQ sauce that doesn’t make you gag?   Excellent.  Four stars.

Home Cooking Star Deadline is Monday

Last chance to get your favorite BBQ Sauce Recipe bottled – win 10% of all royalties! The Deadline is Monday May 25th at Midnight! The Process: Go to Click the contestants link. Click the button that says “Find your hometown homepage and enter your recipe!“ Type in your hometown and state. Then click submit […]

Crazy Uncle Jesters Brush Fire BBQ (5/5)

Ah, another five star sauce.

Home Cooking Star “Get Your Sauce Bottled” Contest

If you are like me, and sometimes brew up your own BBQ sauce, I’m sure you’ve also thought “how can I get this put into a bottle?” Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. You have to get the ingredients, find a co-packer, find a licensed kitchen which must be inspected by the FDA. You […]

Bone Suckin Sauce Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Bone Suckin Sauce Best Box giveaway is comment number 9 “Carolyn G”. Congratulations Carolyn! I will connect you with Pat Ford – creator of Bone Suckin Sauces who will get your address and ship you this fine prize package. More contests (and reviews) coming soon.

Big Bob Gibson Backyard Mustard Sauce (4/5)

Big Bob Gibson Backyard Mustard Sauce gets a 4 from me for a great smooth flavor and what I’d recommend for people looking for a widely available mustard-based BBQ sauce to try out.  If you are a mustard BBQ sauce virgin, this could also be a nice starting point. It pours a bit thin compared […]

Mad Dog Ultra Hot BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Mad Dog hits it right on virtually all notes especially with their mega Award-winning Original Sauce.   But super intense heat to the point of not being able to enjoy the meal is not my idea of a good cookout or BBQ meal.  That said, just because I don’t like the heat doesn’t mean others won’t […]

BBQ Sauce Give-Away: Bone Suckin Sauce Best Box

Bone Suckin Sauce is not only a five star sauce, but a sauce that stands alone.  Like when Nintendo came out with the Wii, and Sony and Microsoft were left with their jaws open…  when most sauces turn left, Pat Ford (the Bone Suckin Chief) take a turn for the right.  Many of the other […]

Russ and Franks BBQ Sauce Giveaway Winners

The two lucky winners are comments 20 and 23 from the Russ and Franks BBQ Sauce Giveaway. Please give it up for Don and Vic! Gentlemen, please contact me via brian @ with your preferred mailing addresses and your choice of Russ and Franks Mild, Fiery, or Sassy and I will connect you with […]

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