BBQ Sauce Give-Away: Bone Suckin Sauce Best Box

Bone Suckin Sauce is not only a five star sauce, but a sauce that stands alone.  Like when Nintendo came out with the Wii, and Sony and Microsoft were left with their jaws open…  when most sauces turn left, Pat Ford (the Bone Suckin Chief) take a turn for the right.  Many of the other […]

Russ and Franks BBQ Sauce Giveaway Winners

The two lucky winners are comments 20 and 23 from the Russ and Franks BBQ Sauce Giveaway. Please give it up for Don and Vic! Gentlemen, please contact me via brian @ with your preferred mailing addresses and your choice of Russ and Franks Mild, Fiery, or Sassy and I will connect you with […]

National BBQ Month = Free BBQ Sauce Giveaways

Hello everyone, May is National Barbecue Month, and to celebrate I’m giving out BBQ sauce like a madman. The first giveaway contest garnered a total of 24 comments (most related to their favorite sauce) within the week and I’m expecting this Monday’s new batch of BBQ goodness to get people even more excited… I know […]

Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

Big Bob Gibson’s Original White Sauce (3/5)

Chef Matt’s Arizona Honey Habanero BBQ Sauce (3/5)

BBQ Sauce Giveaway: Russ and Franks BBQ Sauce

Hello BBQ Sauce Loving Friends, Just about everyone loves free stuff and I’m excited to be providing my first BBQ Sauce Giveaway.  I have to give most of the credit to my wife for giving me the idea for this. Thanks Liz! One of my favorite sauces of all-time is called Russ and Frank’s Sassy […]

The Crazy Rednecks’ BBQ Original BBQ Sauce (4/5)

The sauce really packs your mouth with flavor. From the first sniff, to the dip-in-the-finger test, to the grill – a salty, oniony, red chili-sauce smokiness came through and even gave me a nice surprise bit of heat when “activated” on the grill. As the magic of the grill has shown me time and time again – there’s something big that happens to some sauces when placed in the line of fire.

Willingham’s Cajun Hot Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

Captain Curt’s Famous Boss Sauce (4/5)

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