Man Cave Monday: How to Cook Hot Dogs

Like many of us backyard grillers, you probably thought you knew how to grill hot dogs. From spirals, to the hot-dog-o-pus, there as many advanced techniques, but you have to master the basics first! Man Cave Tip from John Setzler: Most hot dogs that I get from other grillers are usually dry and chewy because […]

Man Cave Monday: Atomic Buffalo Turds

Atomic Buffalo Turds are things of legend. Where did the name come from? Who made it first? Who dared eat the first turd?? Leave it to our friend John Setlzer to show you how to produce excellent turds – otherwise known as ABT’s.

Man Cave Monday: Ribs on the Weber Kettle

I’m going back to John’s Weber Kettle videos to show the progression from the Weber Kettle tour to trimming ribs to cooking them on the grill. Part 1: The Weber Kettle Part 2: Trimming St Louis Ribs Part 3: Pork Spare Ribs  

Man Cave Monday: The Weber Kettle

This one of my favorite Man Cave Meals videos because it’s like the best Weber Kettle manual in a short, sweet video format. Here’s how John describes the video: This is my first in a series of Backyard Basic Barbecue training videos aimed at teaching the novice grilling enthusiast how to make great barbecue at […]

Kickstahtah for BahBaQ

Decided to interview myself for this one… Did you know Kickstarter is a NY-based company?   No, not until a minute ago. Have you ever supported a Kickstarter project?  Yes, I’ve supported 4 – 2 BBQ food trucks and 2 music projects. What current Kickstarter projects are out there for BBQ Related stuff?   Yes. There’s […]

PageRosa BBQ Sauce (3/5)

North Carolina based Cathy Page’s Page Rosa sauce has a lot of great things going for it, a great name, a clean label, and a great consistency. I reviewed  sauce on both pulled pork and chicken and found that the sauce yielded a simple, pleasant flavor which tastes just about average compared to what I […]

I Love MeatHouse!

Disclaimer: Earlier in the summer, the MeatHouse offered me a gift certificate to get some free food and write up my experience of their franchised butcher chop… and I’m finally getting around to it now. The Meathouse is a lot like your local butcher – loaded with knowledge, experience, attention, and of course MEAT – […]

Blurring of the BBQ Sauce Borders

A note to sauce makers: The world is flat (as Thomas Friedman says) and the US is too.  And just as the world is brought closer together via online mechanisms like blogs and facebook, so is the world of BBQ sauce.  Unless we’re talking about the restaurants located in the specific regions of the US […]

J Dogg Phair Red Hot Mama BBQ Sauce (4/5)

This is J Dogg Phair’s original, traditional BBQ sauce (compared to the eclectic bacon, port wine, chipotle symphony of Thought Yo Knew!) with a lot of positives for me: great packaging, bottle, cooked flavor, and high quality ingredients. The aroma and taste of the sauce were tangy tomato (like Stubbs or even Open Pit) – […]

GMG S.O.S.S Review (4/5)

GMG (aka Green Mountain Grills) makes a few nice looking pellet grills and happens to also have a line of sauces and rubs. Personally, I’m not against appliance/hardware providers getting into the sauce business, but based on the relatively uncommon occurrence, I usually tread carefully when I see food products from folks like Charbroil or […]

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