Free Sauce Friday: Farm 2 Market Foods

Free Sauce Friday is back and this week’s giveaway is Sonoran Style BBQ Sauce by Farm 2 Market Foods. It’s a different one with a deep rich flavor and a little bit of heat.  I gave it 5 stars not very long ago.  They use fire roasted tomatoes which is unique, and really flavorful. We […]

J Dogg Phair Thought You Knew BBQ Sauce (5/5)

This sauce was created in 1988 by Jim Phair in Denver, Colorado at the prodding of his friends who he wanted to show friends what a BBQ sauce could be.   He got the nickname J Dogg because he was always “dogging” other BBQ sauce makers for their lack of originality and quality. The packaging was […]

Slow Poke Spicy Apple (5/5)

I opened the box and immediately liked this bottle.  Although it may be a little over-designed with stylized fonts that are a little tough to read, the combination turtle/smoker is fantastic.  Where can I buy a walking turtle smoker right now?! When I opened the bottle, it hit my nose with two of my favorite […]

Free Sauce Friday: Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce

It’s that special day of the week my friends and this time it’s a robust, tangy, vinegar based BBQ sauce for all of you eastern NC style lovers out there.  I gave the product 4/5 stars in January and I just love the vintage label of this. Today we’re going to have 5 WINNERS!   Yes, […]

Big Butz Original BBQ Sauce (5/5)

What can I say.   I’m a sucker for smooth, simple, balanced flavors.  And that’s what Big Butz provides. Big Butz Original BBQ Sauce is one of these sauces that could literally replace ketchup in a household if you had enough of it.  It provides a nice smooth mild, sweet KC style sauce with nothing disagreeable.  […]

Farm2Market Foods Sonoran Style BBQ Sauce (5/5)

I am pleased to review Arizona-based Farm2Market Foods’ Sonoran Style BBQ Sauce. First off, what is Sonoran style?    Sonoran-style indicates it is related to a region in Mexico that borders Arizona to the South.  Sonoran-style generally indicates “Mexican food” but one can find a lot of references to uniqueness of the region in terms […]

Free Stuff Friday: BBQ Sauce Reviews Gear

You can be the proud owner of a new BBQ Sauce Reviews shirt OR a large beer stein! Jay Prince is modeling the shirt (right) with Wayne Brown (left). To win, just comment on this blog post – what would YOU do with a BBQ Sauce Reviews shirt? Winners will be announced on Sunday night […]

Free Sauce Friday: Zoes Sauces

For this Free Sauce Friday we will have 3 Winners thanks to Littles and Lydees Foods – creators of Zoe Sauces. Main Prize will be 1 BBQ Dipping Sauce, 1 Jerk BBQ Sauce, and 1 Dry Marinade (see here for descriptions) 2 Runners up will receive their choice of Jerk Sauce or BBQ Dipping Sauce […]

Free Sauce Friday: Okie Steak House Barbecue Sauces

It’s another Free Sauce Friday and we’ve got some great stuff here from Okie Steak house, whose sauce I review this past Monday. 3 Winners Will Receive All Three Of These Items! 1 bottle of Okie Steak Hosue Barbecue Sauce 1 Bottle of Okie Steak House Baked Bean Starter (I love baked beans) 1 tin […]

Okie Steak House Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

When I first heard of and saw this bottle of BBQ Sauce from Okie’s Steakhouse, I was a bit skeptical.  I’ve had other BBQ Sauces from companies known for “steak sauce” and I really didn’t care much for it.  So my expectations were very low.  But when I tried this sauce, and then cooked with […]

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