Trifecta BBQ Sauce Original (5/5)

Trifecta sauces are a Kentucky based trio of sauces containing a mild, medium and hot variety. This review is for their Original Barbecue Sauce, their mild variety. Outside the Bottle The label has a clean overall appearance and invites you inside.  I love the new look with a high quality almost vintage font/style compared to […]

Bar-B-Que Beast Original BBQ Sauce (4/5)

“Feed Your Beast!” says the hairy meatball like figure who is about to stuff his face with a burger or a chicken sandwich. It’s the logo for this fun sauce out of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Outside the Bottle In general, the outside isn’t pulling me in. I love the sauce name, but the front isn’t shouting […]

AlbuKirky Red Chile BBQ Rub (5/5)

I came upon this rub after trying the Duke City Sweet BBQ Sauce from AlbuKirky.  And funny enough, it is this Red Chile rub that is the magic ingredient in the sauce.  And on it’s own, it’s quite nice. Outside the Bottle The simple label with the sun is best left to a simple name like Red […]

AlbuKirky Green Chile BBQ Rub (5/5)

There’s not a lot of prepackaged rubs that I love, because most of them are some form of paprika, salt, and pepper which anyone can make at home and tweak to their individual tastes.   On the other hand, Kirk from AlbuKirky just keeps bringing it.    I enjoy his Green Chile Rub just as […]

Absolutely Perfect BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Wow!   I don’t think it’s possible to make a bolder statement on the front of your BBQ sauce than calling your company Absolutely Perfect. I like the confidence, the swagger, the bravado of it, but you guys know me by now – I’m a bit skeptical. Outside The label for Championship Blue Ribbon St […]

AlbuKirky Seasonings Duke City Sweet 4/5

AlbuKirky’s Duke City Sweet Barbecue Sauce comes to us from Albuquerque, New Mexico (Albuquerque is sometimes referred to as Duke City). Outside the Bottle This sauce has a streamlined, fluted plastic bottle and a professional appearance with a sun logo and some key attributes called out such as No HFCS and All Natural. “All natural” […]

Huckleberry Habanero BBQ Sauce 4/5

Hoooooot!   The fruity hot Huckleberry Habanero BBQ Sauce comes to us all the way from Florence Montana.  It marks two firsts for me – the first sauce I’ve reviewed from Montana and the first sauce I’ve tried with huckleberries.  The maker is Grandma Hoot Products hence the initials “GHP” on the front of the label […]

Baltimore Barbecue Company Chesapeake Style 5/5

This is the second product in the Baltimore Barbecue Company line-up and what stands out is the classy label on the outside of the bottle and the bay seasoning inside the bottle to truly capture Maryland BBQ sauce in a bottle. Outside the Bottle This sauce has many of the same qualities of the original flavor […]

Baltimore Barbecue Company Original 4/5

This sauce has some lofty goals – the owner Adam Rosenblatt wants to put Baltimore BBQ sauce on the map, and why not? Baltimore is a great city with a renovated waterfront area (Inner Harbor) and a diverse population. Outside The Bottle The label is nice and professional. It’s good for locals with a skyline […]

Vaquero’s BBQ & Dippin Sauce (5/5)

A hardened, mustached Hispanic man introduces California-based Vaquero’s BBQ Sauce, where “Spicy Chipotle Meets Cowboy Coffee”.  He looks you right in the face, as if to say “Go Ahead, Make My Wings” with an accent.  I’m not sure who the guy is exactly, but I’m curious to find out more. Outside the bottle The sauce […]

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