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Results of 2018 Saucekers BBQ Sauce Competition and Tasting

BEST TOMATO MILD BBQ SAUCE: Bobby's Southern Emporium - Sweet Bobby Que Sauce (website) Southern Belle's - BBQ Original Belle (website) Southern Soul Barbeque - Sweet Georgia Soul (website) BEST TOMATO SPICY BBQ SAUCE: Best Damn BBQ … [Continue Reading]

Review: Budweiser Barbecue and Wing Sauces

Budweiser.  Just reading the name probably gives you a visceral reaction. But before you judge, let's look at the facts: It's one of the biggest, most well-known domestic beer brands. It's parent company Anheuser Busch remains the top seller of beer … [Continue Reading]

The Sauce California Style Spicy BBQ Sauce Review (4/5)

OUTSIDE THE BOTTLE Please see review of The Sauce original flavor for a rundown of the outside the bottle characteristics (which are the same as this one). INSIDE THE BOTTLE OK let’s open the bottle and taste it! This rusty colored sauce has a … [Continue Reading]

Fat D’s Southern Mischief (5/5)

BBQ Sauce Review of Fat D’s Southern Mischief (5/5) Southern Mischief is a well-designed mustard sauce from Orlando Florida.   Let’s put it to the test! Outside the bottle Like all of Fat D’s bottles, it is professional quality with great design … [Continue Reading]

Fat D’s Sweet & Sassy (4/5)

BBQ Sauce Review of Fat D’s Sweet & Sassy (4/5) This Fat D’s sauce from Orlando Florida promises “Sweet with Heat.”   Let’s put it to the test! Outside the bottle Like all of Fat D’s bottles, it is professional quality with great design and … [Continue Reading]

saucehound bottle

Saucehound Barbecue Sauce (5/5)

Mike McDade and his bulldog chunk have been on a quest to make the best BBQ and the best BBQ sauce for nearly ten years.   Here’s a video of Mike being interviewed at the Jack back in 2011, when his BBQ team received the invite to compete in the Jack Daniel’s … [Continue Reading]

The Latest Tools & Tech Reviews

Christmas Shopping? Some BBQ Smokers for Under $150

There are many types of BBQ smoker available so if you are looking for a great gift for the smoker in your life and shopping on Amazon, here's a few I can … [Continue Reading]

BBQ Rub Reviews

Saucehound Barbecue Rub (5/5)

Saucehound Competition Recipe Barbecue Spice Rub is the yin to the yang of Mike McDade's SauceHound Barbecue Sauce (5/5). OUTSIDE THE … [Continue]

AlbuKirky Red Chile BBQ Rub (5/5)

I came upon this rub after trying the Duke City Sweet BBQ Sauce from AlbuKirky.  And funny enough, it is this Red Chile rub that is … [Continue]

AlbuKirky Green Chile BBQ Rub (5/5)

There's not a lot of prepackaged rubs that I love, because most of them are some form of paprika, salt, and pepper which anyone can make at … [Continue]

Picky Pig BBQ Rub (5/5)

Picky Pig Barbecue Rub came to me from New York state and the first thing that stood out to me was the high quality appearance - the label … [Continue]

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